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Don Julio and his distillery ‘La Primavera’ were both born in Atotonilco, on the highlands of Jalisco.

His passion for the land, agaves, and process created an exceptional tequila, and it’s the same devotion and recipe we use today.

History and Heritage

Don Julio’s ways didn’t always make sense. He treated his agave like family. He would talk to them, even whisper with them. And he refused to take any shortcuts.

He wouldn’t harvest by the field. Instead, he only chose the most mature and ready agave, harvesting plant by plant, before slow cooking in traditional ovens and aging in oak barrels.

In fact, Don Julio was the first to age his tequila beyond set standards for an even more exceptional flavor. Don Julio was particular and his legendary devotion was singular and exacting, but every sip of his tequila proves why he did it.

Don Julio Timeline

The Story of Don Julio

Interesting facts

  • Don Julio Blanco: Every bottle of Don Julio Blanco tequila is made from 100% agave. Hand picked, hand cut, and slow cooked in a traditional brick oven, our world class spirit is the result of unmatched devotion and mastery of the craft.
  • Don Julio Reposado: Don Julio González understood that greatness couldn’t be rushed. So when he aged his tequila in American white-oak barrels, he chose to break away from the industry standard and aged his tequila for a longer period of time. This allowed his Reposado to fully realize its exceptional flavor.
  • Don Julio Anejo: A superior aged tequila, Añejo is barrel aged in American white oak barrels for the perfect length of time, allowing it to fully develop a rich, smooth, and wonderfully complex flavor.
  • Don Julio 1942: Don Julio 1942 is the ultimate tribute to Don Julio’s devotion and commitment to the craft of tequila making. This exceptional tequila is crafted from agave and aged until it reaches exceptional levels of flavour and character.
Don Julio Interesting Facts
Don Julio Interesting Facts

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Learn more about Don Julio's exclusive portfolio of Tequilas, from the one that started it all, to the last ever variant created by Don Julio in his storied career.

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