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Diageo Bar Academy | row of different cocktails with different origins and histories

Cocktail Origin Stories: Test Your Drinks History Knowledge

Are you a cocktail connoisseur who likes a challenge? Do you know how your French Martini differs from your Gibson?

Check out our quiz, Cocktail Origin Stories: Test Your Drinks History Knowledge, to see if you are a Bartending Master.

  1. What cocktail has been long associated with the Kentucky Derby?
  2. In what Italian City is the Negroni said to have been invented?
  3. What name was the Singapore Sling once known as?
  4. What cocktail does NOT traditionally use vermouth in its recipe?
  5. In what city did the Mule originate?
  6. What cocktail was designed to be the quintessential ‘British cocktail’?
  7. What cocktail is said to have originated in Portugal and was made in response to the Spanish Flu?
  8. What two nations claim the Pisco Sour as their national drink?
  9. What cocktail has inspired other serves like Grateful Dead, Purple Rain, and Black Superman?
  10. Where was the recipe of the Piña Colada created?