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Image of Diageo tequila portfolio

Obscure Tequila Trivia: How many can you answer?

Do you know your blanco from your añejo? Take a shot at our Tequila quiz and put your knowledge to the test.

Whether you're a tequila enthusiast or just getting started, this quiz will challenge and entertain you with questions about the history, production, and culture of tequila. How many can you get right?

  1. Which Mexican state contains the town that tequila is named after?
  2. Drink tequila like a local: what’s the serve?
  3. Can you guarantee the quality of tequila based on its colour?
  4. What is tequila made from?
  5. What is the second most popular tequila cocktail after the margarita?
  6. Which of these is NOT a main tequila age category?
  7. Is this statement true or false: It can only be called ‘tequila’ if it is produced and bottled in Mexico?
  8. In what year was the Don Julio tequila founded by Don Julio González?
  9. Tequila can be used to make artificial what?
  10. Which tequila cocktail is made from the following ingredients: aged tequila, lime juice, crème de cassis and ginger beer?