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As our industry faces a critical and uncertain time, now, more than ever, we need leaders who inspire, motivate and create a strong sense of team culture.

Whether you are a bar manager or an aspiring leader in your team, join industry pro JJ Goodman, founder of the London Cocktail Club and Madeleine Geach, Head of Culture at Hawksmoor, as they share their insider expertise and guidance on how to lead effectively during this challenging time.


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Madeleine Geach, Head of Culture at Hawksmoor and Leadership coach answers some of the top questions asked during this masterclass.

1. How can we coach and drive future leaders within our venues?

A good place to start is to set aside time for regular coaching conversations with your team. During these sessions you should ask them simple questions such as: what has gone well this week? what have you learnt? what challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them? Getting people to reflect and think for themselves this way helps build the autonomy needed for leadership.

2. How important is it to adapt your leadership style in a crisis? How does a crisis impact our leadership?

At the start of a crisis you may need more of the ‘front/alpha’ leadership style we mention in the masterclass. Part of this is making sure you are communicating more regularly with your team to share ‘the plan’ – doing this really helps build confidence.

3. What advice would you have for helping a team bond

Lots of interactive training which gets people talking and sharing ideas. And, of course, some regular down time together is also really important. Also talking honestly about some of the wellbeing stuff mentioned in our masterclass is really good way to have open conversations which build trust – do a ‘Wheel of life’ together!

4. Is it worth formulating a training plan even in a crisis?

Yes especially right now when some people are off work in lockdowns training is a really good way to keep your team motivated and engaged and make this time a period for some professional development.

5. How can I build trust in my team?

Being as open and honest as possible is really important. Use the 6cs mentioned in the masterclass to shape some of frank conversations. That and really taking an active role in people’s development – for those that want to stretch themselves your mentoring and guidance will show you genuinely care for them, which earns a lot of trust.