Baileys Dulce de Leche

A sensational, sweet and decadent delight! A shot of Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon Irish Cream Liqueur and Caramel Flavored Vodka with Whipped Cream and Caramel - a little sip of heaven.
Baileys Dulce de Leche


  • 0.75oz

    Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon Irish Cream Liqueur

  • 0.5oz

    Caramel Flavored Vodka

  • 0.25oz

    Caramel Syrup to a rim of a Shot Glass

  • 1

    Whipped Cream (Garnish)

0 units of alcohol per serve


  • 1

    Martini Glass

  • 1

    Ice Scoop

  • 1


  • 1

    Cocktail Shaker

  • 1

    Hawthorne Strainer

  • 1

    Fine Strainer



  • Preparation
    1. Rim a Shot glass with Caramel Syrup.
    2. Shake all the liquid ingredients with ice.
    3. Fine strain into a Shot glass.
    4. Garnish with Whipped Cream.
  • Alcohol Content

    Alcohol content:

    7.8g per serve