John Collins

Johnnie Walker Black Label is mixed with lemon, sugar and soda in this balanced and tasty classic.

John Collins


  • 1.5oz

    Johnnie Walker Black Label

  • 0.75oz

    Lemon Juice

  • 0.5oz

    Sugar Syrup

  • 1

    Soda to fill

  • 1

    Lemon Wedge

0 units of alcohol per serve


  • 1

    Highball Glass

  • 1

    Cocktail Shaker

  • 1

    Hawthorne Strainer

  • 1

    Bar Spoon

  • 1




  • Preparation
    1. Add all ingredients to an ice-filled Highball glass.
    2. Stir to combine.
    3. Top with Soda water and garnish with a Lemon wedge.
  • Alcohol Content

    Alcohol content:

    15.8 g per serve

Interesting facts

The Collins is a classic cocktail that is typically made with a base spirit, most commonly gin, along with lemon juice, sugar and carbonated water. This sour cocktail is served long over ice in a tall, round glass that’s named after the drink itself.

History of the drink

As a classic cocktail, the Collins has become a popular choice among cocktail enthusiasts and is widely recognized for its refreshing taste. Its oriGins can be traced back to the Limmer's Inn – a dive bar that was a popular haunt among sporting types during the 19th Century. John Collins, who worked as a bartender at the inn, is credited with creating the cocktail that bears his name. The Limmer's Inn, located on Conduit Street in London was well-known for its Gin punch as early as 1814. It’s believed that the Collins cocktail may have evolved from this popular drink of the time.