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Bar Skills eLearning Courses

Browse multiple eLearning courses and online resources to learn the various skills you need to become a quality bar professional. 

Improve Your Bar Career With eLearning

Bartending is not a simple profession. The role requires a lot of knowledge and skill to excel in, and it can take years to learn all the various aspects that make a good bar professional. Become a more accomplished bartender by starting these online courses and resources.  

Expand your knowledge in your free time to help you progress in your career and access more exciting roles and opportunities. Through eLearning, you can study and pick up new skills at your own pace and focus on modules that benefit you the most.  

With these modules, you can learn the basics to help you become a well-rounded and proficient bartender or focus on modules that can help you serve drinks responsibly, increase your service speed, or recommend drinks with confidence.  

Build on your foundational skills with these eLearning courses and become the best bartender you can be. 

Learn the Essentials with Diageo Bar Academy

Build your knowledge of all the essential skills you need to know with this interactive online module. Learn about spirit categories, the fundamentals of cocktail making, and other areas to become a high-performing bar professional. Complete the course and earn a certificate.

Understand Responsible Serving

In this module, uncover how to serve drinks in a responsible manner to keep your venue safe and enjoyable at all times. Consolidate your learning with quizzes and mini-games, and earn a certificate when completing the course.

Serving Drinks Effectively

Discover skills to make you a better server of spirits and other drinks. Learn how to make perfect drinks quickly and accurately so that you can delight your customers every time. Take the course to earn a certificate to showcase your skills.

Improve Your Recommendation Skills

Become more effective at helping your customers with this course. Learn how to effectively recommend drinks and serves to elevate the guest experience at your venue. Discover what flavors pair well together and how to satisfy your guests' specific tastes with this course.

Create the Perfect Cocktails

Learn the basics of cocktail making in this interactive course. Uncover how to balance flavors and create perfectly crafted drinks in this Perfect Serve module.

Keep Improving With Diageo LEARNING SKILLS FOR LIFE™

Learn more about Diageo Bar Academy’s LEARNING SKILLS FOR LIFE™  program and how continued education can make you a top-tier bar professional. Hear from past graduates as they share how the course has shaped their future in the bar industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Getting better at specific bar skills and techniques will help you attract more roles and better career prospects.  
  • A good bartender looks after guests well. Learning this will allow you to become a great bar professional.  
  • Learning the essentials will give you a good footing, but developing your recommendation and cocktail-making skills can help you stand out. 

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