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How to Make Your Venue Discoverable Online

Learn how to get your bar seen online and capitalise on search and SEO to boost visibility in these bite-sized videos.

Estimated watch time: 25 minutes


The most common way customers discover new bars and venues to visit is through online searches. Make sure that they're finding your venue when searching the web. As a venue, there are many things you can do to increase your visibility online, be it SEO, creating a Google business profile, and much more.

Watch these bitesize, easy-to-digest videos to learn how to get your bar to the top of the search results, understand online terminology, how customers search for venues, SEO fundamentals, and more.

Key Terminology & How Search Engines Work

Learn the key terminology and information to help your bar navigate the digital world.

Elements of Search

Watch to discover all the different search elements and how to use them to boost your bar's online visibility.

Elements of SEO and YEXT

Learn everything you need to know about SEO and YEXT to help your business thrive online and attract more customers.

Introduction to Listings

Watch now to discover what listings are, ways you can get them, and how they can help your venue online.

Introduction to Publishers

In this video, learn how publishers can get you seen online.

Introduction to Reviews

Watch to learn how positive online reviews can boost your venue's online profile and how reviews can build trust.

Standing Out on social media with SEO

Master standout social media posts with this downloadable guide. Learn how to create impactful social posts and visual content, with tips on editing and the components of great content.

Key Takeaways

  • Improving your online visibility can help you attract more customers and increase revenue.
  • Using SEO and search elements can help you rise through the ranks on Google.
  • Being added to online listings and mentioned by publishers can increase brand awareness.
  • Reviews build trust and can help encourage more customers to visit your venue.

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