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Making the Most of Online Bar Reservations to Grow Your Venue

Online reservations are commonplace in hospitality, but bars have been slow to adopt. In this Bitesize Session discover insightful tips for harnessing the power of online bar reservations. 

Authors: Terry Cashman, Drinks Strategist, Sweet&Chilli; Veronica Di Pietrantonio, Bar Director, Viajante Bar

Estimated watch time: 21 minutes 

Top Tip: Before watching this session, check out our previous Bitesize Session: The Digital Future - Reservations, Menus & Orders. This session offers lots of information on getting started, and it will give you a broader knowledge of digitisation.

Watch Now: Making the Most of Online Bar Reservations to Grow Your Venue

Enjoy the full session or navigate to sections most relevant:

  • 01:40 - Why move to online reservations? 
  • 02:21 - What are the long-term benefits of online reservations? 
  • 04:39 - How does a top bar use online reservations to manage flow? 
  • 06:33 - Best online reservation platform for bars 
  • 08:27 - Setting up an online reservations system 
  • 11:54 - How a top bar uses an online reservation system to maximise profit 
  • 13:44 - Using online reservation analytics 
  • 15:00 - Managing customer data 
  • 17:51 - How to take your online reservations system to the next level 
  • 20:05 - Session Summary

Key Takeaways

  • More and more venues are embracing technology as this has become the norm in managing bookings 
  • Taking booking online supports customer visibility and reach, allowing you to grow your customer numbers 
  • Online reservations give insights into how busy your venue will be, making planning easy for your team 
  • Consider your budget and engage your team when selecting the ideal booking system for your venue 
  • Make the booking process simple and seamless to improve the guest experience

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