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Using Instagram to drive footfall to your venue

Watch this bite-sized video hosted by Natalie Migliarini to learn how to best use Instagram to drive footfall to your venue.

Author: Natalie Migliarini, Beautiful Booze founder

Estimated watch time: 19 minutes

Make Your Venue Instagrammable

Grow the reach and the appeal of your venue by using Instagram to display the best qualities of your bar.

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms and one of the most visual. It’s the best platform for bars to use, as a presence on Instagram can shine a spotlight on your venue and build excitement over your drinks, serves, and atmosphere.

Learn from Natalie Migliarini, founder of the social media phenomenon Beautiful Booze, on how to use all of Instagram’s features to your advantage and how making your products ‘shareable’ can foster engagement with your venue, leading to online success and a boost in business performance.

Watch Now: Instagram Deep Dive

Watch this introductory video about Instagram - part of a larger series on how social media can improve your bar business - as Natalie guides you through all the basics of the platform. Learn about how to create successful Instagram content and the often-underutilised features to take your bar to the next level.


  • 00:43 - Instagram basics
  • 06:24 - Instagram Stories
  • 08:47 - Maximising your reach
  • 13:58 - Content aspect ratios

Learn to craft standout social posts

Download the ultimate guide to creating scroll-stopping cocktail social media posts!

Key Takeaways

  • Instagram is one of the best social platform for bar owners to use to advertise and build interest in their venue.
  • Instagram has multiple features, like Reels, Stories and location tagging, that bars can use to create success.
  • You need to create good-quality visual content to succeed on Instagram.

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