Batched Manhattan

A big batch from the Big Apple – this classic batched Blue Manhattan recipe will make 100 serves.

Batched Manhattan


  • 4.5L

    Johnnie Walker Blue Label

  • 1.5L

    Rosso Vermouth

  • 20ml

    Angostura Bitters

  • 4.5L

    Mineral Water

  • 100

    Orange Zest Garnishes

0 units of alcohol per serve



    1. Combine all liquid ingredients in a glass, without ice and take note of the weight.
    2. Add ice, shake and weigh again.
    3. Subtract the pre-ice weight from the post-ice weight and add the amount of water you need to add to the mix. (1g of water equals 1ml of water)
    4. Multiply the quantities upwards for the amount of cocktails you require and combine them, including water, in a large vessel.
    5. Transfer the vessel to the freezer and monitor the temperature.

    Alcohol content: 15.8g of alcohol (according to ml of the serve)