Bottled G&T

If you’ve got access to a carbonation rig or you’re handy with a soda stream or soda siphon, this is a great way to recycle tonic water that’s gone flat. You can even add your own herbal infusions in to the mix if you please (try a tea bag). Best of all, this method carbonates the gin too, so depending on the pressure you carbonate to, this could be the fizziest G&T you’ve ever tasted!

Bottled G&T


  • 150ml


  • 350ml

    Any flat tonic water

0 units of alcohol per serve



  • Method

    Mix the ingredients and chill in the freezer until nearly frozen.

    Carbonate using your normal procedure, making sure you vent the system.

    Store chilled until ready to use.

    Serve in chilled champagne flutes.

    44.4 grams of alcohol*(according to mls of the serve)