Chatterbox Cobbler

( 1.9 standard drinks*- 1.9 units per serve)

Taking the balloon gin serve up a notch, this is a fruity, refreshing and eye-catching summer drink that gets very cold when swizzled.

Chatterbox Cobbler


  • 40ml


  • 20ml

    Dry rosé wine

  • 20ml

    Pink grapefruit juice

  • 50ml

    Raspberry and cucumber soda*

0 units of alcohol per serve


  • 1

    Large balloon glass



  • Method

    Add all the ingredients to a large balloon glass and swizzle with crushed ice.

    Add more crushed ice and a splash more soda if needed.

    Garnish with mint, cucumber and fresh raspberries dusted with icing sugar

    * To make the Raspberry and cucumber soda - add 125g raspberries, 1 chopped cucumber and two cups of sugar to a sealed jar or zip-lock bag. Shake and leave until a syrup has formed (a few hours). Strain and bottle the liquid. Mix 1 part syrup with 3 parts water and charge in a soda siphon. Alternatively use 15ml syrup and a 35ml splash of soda water.