Copper Colours

A crafted combination of Ketel One Vodka, Spanish sloe liqueur and rich oloroso brandy stirred down over ice with a hint of absinthe to create a complex, fruity, anise laced cocktail with beautiful copper colours!

Copper Colours


  • 40ml

    KETEL ONE™ Vodka

  • 2

    Dashes of Absinthe (Preferably a verte absinthe)

  • 20ml

    Spanish liqueur, made from crushed and fermented sloes

  • 20ml

    Spanish Oloroso Brandy

0 units of alcohol per serve



  • Method

    In a chilled mixing glass filled with ice add all the ingredients and stir to chill. Serve in a short rocks glass. Garnish with a flamed orange zest.

    (3.4 standard drinks*- 2.6 units per serve)

    (*One standard drink contains 8g of alcohol)