Evening Mate

The rich and complex character of The Singleton of Glen Ord 12-year-old, carefully combined with Mate tea, bittersweet orange marmalade and a dash of walnut bitters, presented over crushed ice in a traditional Mate pot.

Evening Mate


  • 35ml

    The Singleton of Glen Ord 12-year-old

  • 2

    barspoons of Mate tea leaves

  • 8ml

    hot water

  • 15g

    Orange marmalade

  • 2

    dashes Walnut bitters

0 units of alcohol per serve


  • 1

    Mate teapot



  • Method

    Add The Singleton of Glen Ord, marmalade and bitters to a mate pot and mix well using an electric hand mixer. In a separate glass, add mate tea leaves to hot water and let steep to release the flavour and aroma, pour into the mate pot. Add crushed ice and stir.