Hot & Sour

Don Julio Blanco’s bright, bold flavours shine through in this rapidly infused, spicy Tequila Sour.

Tequila Sour (Using Rapid Infusion) cocktail.


  • 500ml

    Don Julio Blanco

  • 45ml

    Green Jalapeno

  • 60ml

    Jalapeno infused tequila

  • 15ml

    Fresh lime juice

  • 30ml

    Fresh pineapple juice

  • 10ml

    Green Chartreuse

  • 1

    Fresh jalapeno slice for garnish

0 units of alcohol per serve


  • 1

    ISI Whipper

  • 1

    NO2 Chargers

  • 1

    Chopping Board

  • 1


  • 1

    Measuring Jar

  • 1

    Weighing Scale

  • 1

    Old Fashioned glass



    1. Mix 45 grams of green jalapeño pepper seeded, deveined, and very thinly sliced with 500ml Don Julio Blanco.
    2. Combine the ingredients in a half-litre whipper at room temperature.
    3. Add one charger and shake then add the second charger and shake.
    4. Total infusion time should be 1 minute 30 seconds. Higher pressure equals faster, more balanced infusions.
    5. Vent by squeezing the trigger and releasing the pressure in the iSi, allowing the liquid inside to return to atmospheric pressure and then open it.
    6. Strain and press on the pepper slices to extract the majority of the tequila. Then allow it to rest for 10 minutes before use.
    7. Combine 60ml of of your jalapeno infused tequila mix with 1ml fresh lime juice, 30ml fresh pineapple juice and 10ml of green Chartreuse in a shaker.
    8. Add ice and shake hard.
    9. Strain into a chilled Old Fashioned glass over ice.
    10. Garnish with a fresh jalapeno slice.

    Alcohol content

    22g per serve