Koji Apple

Apple and orange cocktail garnished with a sprig.


  • 40ml

    Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky

  • 10ml

    Apple Brandy

  • 25ml

    Caramelised Apple Koji Syrup*

  • 25ml

    Apple Juice

  • 5ml

    Vanilla 2:1

  • 2.5ml

    Apple Cider Vinegar

0 units of alcohol per serve




    Add all ingredients together and pass through a coffee filter. Once filtered, bottle and refrigerate.

    Alcohol Content: 15.64g | 18.52% ABV | 1.12 standard drinks 

    *Caramelised Apple Koji Syrup

    • 1000ml Rice Malt Syrup  
    • 1000ml Apple Cider  
    • 500ml Koji Shio  

    Combine all ingredients together and stir until rice malt syrup has dissolved.  

    Add to a vac bag and refrigerate for future use.