This juicy, bittersweet cocktail is halfway between a sour and a highball. Brew the coffee in accordance to the instructions on the package, or personalise to your customer’s preference.

TIP: When making an ice-less cocktail, always ensure your ingredients and glassware are as cold as possible.

A coffee-based cocktail on a round, grey marble table.


  • 60ml

    Johnnie Walker Green Label

  • 60ml

    Natural coffee*

  • 1

    Double-strained muddled watermelon mixture*

  • 1

    A drop of sesame oil (Garnish)

0 units of alcohol per serve



    • To a chilled tulip-shaped glass, add Johnnie Walker Green Label, natural coffee and the double-strained muddled watermelon mixture.
    • Garnish with one drop of sesame oil.

    *Muddled watermelon (approx. yield 75ml)

    • In a stir tin, muddle together a handful of frozen cubed watermelon
    • Add 30ml 1:1 simple syrup (1:1 sugar to water).
    • Add 15ml lemon

    *Natural coffee

    Brew in accordance to the instructions on your package, or personalize your coffee however you like to enjoy your brew.

    Alcohol content:

    18.96g per serve