Peach and Tarragon Whisky

Elevate your whisky serves with this Johnnie Walker Black Label with this Peach & Tarragon infusion. This unique, fruity-herbal blend will level up your serves and can be refrigerated for six months.

Peach and Tarragon Whisky


  • 700ml

    Johnnie Walker Black Label

  • 3

    Sprigs of tarragon

  • 6

    Ripe peaches

0 units of alcohol per serve


  • 1

    sous vide circulator

  • 1

    sous vide bath

  • 1

    cloth to strain

  • 1

    ziplock bag



  • Method
    1. Set the sous vide circulator to 40°c and allow it to reach temperature. 
    2. Whilst the sous vide bath is warming, chop six ripe peaches and add these to 700ml of Johnnie Walker Black Label in a vacuum bag. 
    3. Add to the bag three sprigs of tarragon and seal. If a vacuum sealer is unavailable, ziplock food bags will work just as well. Try to remove as much air from the bag as possible. 
    4. Add the sealed bag to the sous vide bath and cook for 3 hours. 
    5. Remove from the bath and fine strain through a cloth before bottling and cooling. 
    6. Refrigerated, the infused alcohol will last six months or more.