Reeftip Mojito

The Cuban classic has some spice with Reeftip Spice Rum and ginger beer. Zingy and aromatic.

Reeftip Mojito is full of flavour with a splash of ginger beer on top which pairs perfectly with grilled bites full of flavour and salads with fresh herbs. This Mojito is a brilliant companion to a classic Rueben sandwich, grilled prawns with chimichurri, lamb koftas, fried olives or fresh salads like a fennel, apple and herb salad – a squeeze of citrus on all of these (except the Rueben) will tie everything together perfectly.

Reeftip Mojito


  • 8

    Mint Leaves

  • 60ml

    Reeftip Spiced Rum

  • 20ml

    Fresh Lime Juice

  • 1Splash

    Ginger Beer

0 units of alcohol per serve


  • 1

    Cold Highball Glass



  • Method
    1. Add the first 3 ingredient to a cold highball glass
    2. Fill with cubed ice and stir well, lifting the mint leaves through the drink.
    3. Top up the glass with Ginger Beer
    4. Lightly brush the mint sprig to release the aromas before garnishing