The Mexican Rose

A fresh and zesty cocktail that will impress guests.  

The Mexican Rose


  • 45ml

    Don Julio Blanco

  • 10ml

    Fino Sherry

  • 5ml

    Green Chartreuse

  • 10ml

    Lime juice

  • 10ml

    Lime Sherbert

  • 2dashes

    Peychauds Bitters

  • 1

    Cucumber and Rose Water Champagne Soda

0 units of alcohol per serve


  • 1

    Red wine glass



  • Method

    Place ingredients, except soda, into a mixing tin and throw 6-8 times until chilled.

    Strain into ice-filled red wine glass.

    Add cucumber and rose water champagne soda and stir.

    Garnish with edible rose, cucumber or edible flowers.

    For Soda:

    1 Litre of Cucumber and Rosewater (infuse 1 litre of water with chopped cucumber with 50ml Rosewater for 24hrs)

    Add 50ml Champagne acid solution* and charge with two Co2 cartridges in soda siphon (*Champagne Acid -6g Tartaric Acid, 6g Lactic Acid mixed with 100ml water)


    ( 2.2 standard drinks - 1.9 units per serve)