Toni The Negroni

Introducing Toni the Negroni - a supercharged take on the classic with extracted citrus oil for an intense but refreshing flavour.

Toni The Negroni cocktail


  • 15ml

    Don Julio Blanco

  • 15ml

    Sombra Mezcal

  • 30ml

    Cocchi Americano

  • 30ml


  • 10ml

    Clarified Pomelo

  • 5ml

    Pomelo Oleo

  • 4

    Dashes of saline

  • 3

    Cucumber slices

0 units of alcohol per serve


  • 1

    2"-3" King cube

  • 1





    1. To make Pomelo Oleo you'll need the following: 

    • 50% Pomelo peel by weight
    • 50% Sugar by weight
    • 30% Water

    Method: Combine Pomelo peel and sugar in a vacuum-sealed bag. Extract the oils at room temperaature for 24hrs. Add 30% of the sugar weight in water (be sure to wash all of the sugar off the peels and any remaining oil from the bag). The mix stores for up to a month andbeyond.

    2. To make Clarified Pomelo you'll need the following:

    • 2000ml Oroblanco grapefruit juice
    • 666ml Lime juice
    • 0.2% weight pectinex
    • 0.2% weight Kieselsol (used twice)
    • 0.2% weight Chitosan

    Method: Mix the juices together. Add 0.2% Pectinex and 0.2% Kieselsol, stir and wait 15 minutes. Add 0.2% Chitosan, stir and wait 15 minutes. Add 0.2% Kieselsol and wait a minimum of 30 minutes. Strain through a coffee filter multiple times, the more passes the clearer the final product will be.

    3. To make your Saline solution you'll need:

    • 20g Salt
    • 100g Water

    Method: Combine at room temp and store in a pipette.

    4. Combine all of the ingredients opposite in a tumbler containing a 2"-3" king cube and stir.

    5. Garnish with cucumber slices.

    Alcohol content

    18g per serve