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Creating a Memorable Customer Experience

When it comes to your customers, it’s the ‘experience’ that makes them come back time and time again, turning casual customers into regulars. In this bitesize session, discover top tips on how to create the best customer experience possible in your venue.

Estimated watch time: 15 minutes

Make a good impression

First impressions count in the bar industry. It sets the scene and prepares your guests for a great evening out. Beyond the drinks your serve, the atmosphere you create through components such as lighting and sound and how a guest is welcomed is what makes the difference to a memorable experience of your bar.

Watch Now: Elevate your guest experience

Watch the full session or skip to the parts most relevant:

  • 00:50 - Impressions are important
  • 03:18 - Body language and personal space
  • 06:54 - Elevated hospitality for any venue

Key Takeaways

  • It’s the overall experience in a bar that turns casual customers into regulars. 
  • First impressions count, especially in the hospitality sector. 
  • Body language and physical space should be considered across staff and guests. 
  • Don’t overlook the atmospherics in your venue, they’re hugely important to customers. 
  • Create a sequence of service with your team. 

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