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How to Focus on Your Wellbeing as a Bar Professional

Learn how to manage your physical and mental wellbeing while working in the bar industry with these helpful resources.

Author: Mark Moriarty, award-winning chef

Kirsten Brooks, nutritionist

Tristan Stephenson, award-winning bar owner

Camille Vidal, mindful drinking expert

Linda O'Flynn, Ireland World Class Winner 2019

Estimated Reading Time: 8 Minutes

Using Wellbeing to be a Better Bartender

The most successful bar professionals know how to not only look after their guests, but also themselves. Although fun and rewarding, bar work can be tough with long shifts and late nights, and you can easily burn out if you don't prioritise your wellbeing.

Being healthy and happy by practising wellbeing will make you a much better bartender. You'll have more energy to perform and be able to overcome the challenges of the role more effectively.

Take the time to learn how to properly look after yourself with these resources focused on various aspects of the topic. Learn from multiple industry experts, nutritionists and wellbeing advocates as they share their insight in easy-to-digest Masterclasses, eLearning modules, and downloadable tools.

How to Be Healthy After Hours

Watch this webinar to learn some of the best things to do between your bar shifts to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Learn as top-quality chef Mark Moriarty and guests unveil their top tips and advice on living a well-balanced lifestyle. Even the smallest lifestyle changes can significantly affect how you feel. Watch this Masterclass webinar to start making more positive changes to your lifestyle.

Top Tips For Wellbeing

Browse these expertly sourced top tips to help you improve your physical wellbeing at home and behind the bar.

Best Stretches for Bartenders

Bar professional and wellbeing expert Camille Vidal gives simple tips and stretches that can be easily incorporated into any routine.

10 Health and Safety Tips

From contactless payments and re-imagining your menu to reducing crowds and queues; Get our top 10 health and safety tips.

Personal Wellbeing Resources For the Bar Community

Discover various ways to improve your personal wellness and invest in self-care. Watch these courses to better understand how you can make healthy changes for body and mind.

Downloadable Tools

Download these resources to be able to reference the advice and guidance for building a more sustainable career as a bartender with a balanced lifestyle. Helpful in various aspects of wellbeing, these tools can support you in your quest to be a more engaged and successful bartender.

Key Takeaways

  • Improving your wellbeing can make you a better bartender.
  • Learning how to manage your time between shifts can make you more effective.
  • Implementing small changes to your lifestyle can have a positive impact on wellbeing. 
  • Things like stretching and a good understanding of health and safety can help boost your wellbeing when at work.

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