bartender serving a cocktail with smoke

Advanced Mixology: Tools, Techniques & Trends

Authors: World Class Champions, Jacob Martin and Aashi Bhatnagar

Estimated watch time: 58 minutes

Learn the advanced techniques you’ve always wanted to know as World Class Champions, Jacob Martin and Aashi Bhatnagar show you fat-washing, fermenting and more in our advanced mixology Masterclass. 


  • New advanced tools and equipment to use 
  • How to do six expert techniques including: fermentation and clarification (including pectin), infusion, fat-washing (and wax-washing), with LIVE tutorials 
  • Glassware trends to try this year 
  • Trends in garnishing to level up your cocktail presentation 

Don’t miss Jacob Martin and Aashi Bhatnagar easy-to-follow mixology tutorials and expert insights! 



Jacob Martin

As a double World Class Champion and dedicated Bar Manager at Bar Banane in Toronto, Canada, Jacob Martin is certainly no stranger to cutting-edge bar techniques. Always ahead of the curve, Jacob regularly crafts new cocktails using the latest methods.  

Aashi Bhatnagar

Aashi Bhatnagar is a fellow cocktail champion, winning World Class India and the People’s Choice Award in 2023. Currently, Aashi works as an Innovation Artist at Cobbler and Crew in Pune, India. She is a highly creative, passionate and ambitious bartender who loves experimenting with new techniques and she shares how to master a few of her favourites in this session.