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An Expert Guide To Beer Flavours & Styles

Explore the exciting diversity of beer and learn more about the different styles and flavours you can offer with this Diageo Bar Academy Masterclass. 

Authors: Padraig Fox, Expert Beer Sommelier; Ian Colgan, Beer and Food Specialist  

Estimated watch time: 41 minutes 

Explore the World of Beer

No two beers are the same. Discover the unique styles and types of beer, packed with different flavour profiles and aromas. In this webinar, you’ll master how to perfectly pair certain beers with food from your menu through expert tuition from sommeliers Padraig Fox and Ian Colgan.   

Watch now for an exclusive view of the entire beer production process, from malting and germination to fermenting and racking, as well as top pouring and presentation tips from experts in their craft. 

Key Learning Outcomes

  • The different types of beer styles and flavours  
  • The beer production process and ingredients used to brew beer 
  • Great beer-serving techniques  
  • The best foods to pair with certain beers 

Watch Now

Masterclass: Beer Flavours & Styles

Masterclass Chapters

  • 02:25 - 15:53 - Beer Production
  • 16:04 - 27:03 - Beer Flavours and Styles
  • 27:04 - 39:08 - Great Beer Serving Techniques

Beer Flavours Map

See where different styles of beers fall on the flavour map to better understand their tastes. Download now for easy reference and to help improve your skills.