Glass of Whisky with ice and rosemary garnish


Expert Whisky Taste and Flavour Guide

Build a better understanding of whisky’s tasting notes and production process with insight from celebrated whiskey journalist Becky Paskin and WSET’s Charlie McCarthy. 

Author: Becky Paskin, Renowned whisky journalist Charlie McCarthy, WSET whisky expert  

Estimated watch time: 1 hour 20 minutes 


Discover The Flavours of Whisky

Understanding the distinct flavour of whisky and how to taste it can elevate your skills as a bartender. Learn from experienced whisky professionals Becky Paskin and Charlie Mccarthy as they share insights on the different tasting notes certain whisky have and how you can use that knowledge to your advantage.  

This webinar also features Global New Age Scotch Whisky Ambassador Ervin Trykowski, who shares some ingenious whisky cocktail serves that you can use for yourself, such as the classic Cameron’s Kick. Watch now to build your confidence in using whisky and learn how to experiment with the flavours to create cocktails and mixes that engage your customers.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • How to taste whisky 
  • The different types and flavours of whisky 
  • How whisky is made and its various components 
  • Ways to use whisky knowledge to enhance your venue’s reputation and revenue 

Watch Now

Masterclass: Expert Whisky Taste and Flavour Guide

Masterclass Chapters

  • 08:35 - 21:13 - Why understanding the flavour and taste of your whisky is important
  • 21:28 - 49:14 - How to taste whisky
  • 49:41 - 1:11:11 - Create great tasting cocktails that engage customers

Whisky Tasting 101

Further your whisky flavour knowledge with this tasting guide, developed by the experts at WSET. Download the resource sheet now to help you create exciting whisky fusions and better communicate whisky-tasting notes with your customers.