Bartender behind bar showing guests the drinks menu


How to craft the perfect menu and why this is important

Discover how to create the perfect menu and why it’s so important to the success of your venue. It will also provide inspiration for seasonal serves and will demonstrate how to make the most from your menu to generate increased sales, wider customer appeal and elevate the profile of your venue.

Estimated watch time: 45 minutes

Approximately 1 in 3 guests choose their drink based on the menu, so you need to make sure that your menu is working for you. Join our bar management experts, Matt Guest and Marios Zlatinis, as they show you what to do (and what not to do) when preparing menus. They’ll also offer advice to help you avoid the common pitfalls before sharing with you their recipes for success.

Modern bar menus shouldn’t be a list of everything you sell, but they should be about highlighting what you do best and inspiring customers to be more adventurous. Make sure you have your current menu to hand as you watch the video so you can reference it throughout.

Optimising your menu design and structure could offer a significant return on investment and add value to your venue in multiple ways, including enhancing the guest experience.


  • Menus are key in modern day bar culture. 
  • Menus can influence customer behaviour and drive decisions. 
  • Menus should never be a list of everything you sell. 
  • A good menu highlights what you do best at your venue.


  • 02:31 - 06:42 - What's the Role of a Menu
  • 06:43 - 15:15 - Making a Great Menu - Design and incorporating seasonality
  • 15:16 - 26:25 - How to Make the Most of Your Menu
  • 20:26 - 22:29 - Cocktail Demonstration - Johnnie Walker Highball
  • 24:26 - 28:25 - Cocktail Demonstration - Flat White Martini