Woman eating a salad taking a break from a long shift


Lifestyle Tips For Better Industry After Hours 

In this Masterclass, learn how to better manage your time outside of working hours to maximise your time when in the venue. 

Author: Lauren Mote, World Class Cocktailian Mark Moriarty, Global Gastronomer 

Estimated watch time: 50 minutes 

Perfect Your Work-Life Balance

Sustainability is key when working to become a quality bartender. Learn from Lauren Mote and Mark Moriarty as they share personal tips that have allowed them to stay healthy in the industry after hours and achieve a harmonious work-life balance.  

Understand the small lifestyle changes you can implement to greatly benefit your mood, productivity, and overall health. With practical demonstrations and healthy recipes to follow, watch now to manage your after-hours schedule better.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • How to implement a healthy diet after hours  
  • Ways to be more mindful and restful between shifts  
  • Tips for staying connected after hours 

Watch Now

Masterclass: Industry After Hours

Masterclass Chapters

  • 03:45 - 14:45 - Healthy Diet Tips for Bar Professionals
  • 14:46 - 17:00 - Simple and Healthy Meal Recipes
  • 22:43 - 35:26 - Mindfulness, Exercise and Rest
  • 36:08 - 39:55 - Stretches for Bar Professionals
  • 40:17 - 44:49 - Community and Connectedness

Industry After-Hours Cheat Sheet

Always have the best tips and tricks on hand to implement healthy practices into your life after hours. Download now for advice on the best foods to eat and shop for, stretches to add to your routine, and more to help you build sustainability.