Rum cocktails on table with bar tools behind


Expert Guide To Rum Tasting and Mixing

In this webinar, learn all about the distinct types of rum, ranging from white, spiced, and aged, and the textures and flavours you can expect.

Discover the best mixes and ingredients to combine with rum to craft exciting cocktails from Ian Burrell, Award-winning EduTainer, and Sly Augustin, Managing Director of Trailer Happiness rum-bar.

Estimated watch time: 57 minutes 

Masterclass: Rum Tasting and Mixing

Masterclass Chapters

  • 04.23 - 15.59 - The history and heritage of rum
  • 16.20 - 22.44 - A guide to rum texture and flavors
  • 22.46 - 30.47 - How to taste rum and pair it with food
  • 31.00 - 50.00 - How to make the most popular rum cocktails

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about the recent rise in rum’s popularity  
  • Explore rum’s history and production  
  • Understand the different flavours and styles of rum 
  • Learn how to taste rum like an expert 

Rum flavour Guide

This comprehensive guide features explanations of all the different types of rums. Download this easy-to-follow resource to understand all the different styles, colours, and flavours of rum.