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Impress Your Guests with Cocktail & Food Pairings

In this masterclass, Matt and Marios demonstrate how to tailor your menu to offer cocktail and food pairings to your guests. 

Author: Matt Guest and Marios Zlatinis, Diageo Bar Academy trainers 

Estimated watch time: 47 minutes

Seize the Opportunity

Customers are always looking for real and new experiences when they go out with loved ones or friends. Take advantage of this opportunity to offer cocktail and food pairings to elevate their dining experience and boost your sales. 

Get in the Know

The more you learn, the easier it becomes to capitalise on everyday customer occasions and be part of your guests’ dining adventure. 

In this masterclass webinar, Diageo Bar Academy trainers Matt Guest and Marios Zlatinis demonstrate how to diversify your menu with spirits and food. You’ll learn how to offer aperitifs, digestifs or cocktail pairings to inspire every pre or post dining moment. 

Watch the webinar now to inspire your creativity and impress your guests. 

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the benefits of learning about cocktail and food 
  • Discover easy ways to match your venue cuisine types 
  • Learn how to promote spirits and food in your venue

Watch Our Webinar Now!

Masterclass: Spirits & Food Pairings

Masterclass Chapters

  • 03:09 - 04:43 - Benefits of learning about spirits and food
  • 05:19 - 36:51 - Aperitifs & Digestifs
  • 38:18 - 40:36 - Easy ways to match your venue cuisine type
  • 40:53 - 41:56 - Promoting spirts and food in your venue
  • 42:00 - 45:02 - How to make the most of your menu