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Sustainability Initiatives To Make Your Bar Thrive

Make your bar more sustainable and energy efficient with our expert-led Masterclass.

Authors: Bob Gordon, Forum Director of Zero Carbon Forum; Renato Tonelli, Award-Winning Sustainable Bartender.
Estimated watch time: 1 hour 13 minutes 

Sustainability in hospitality

Get expert advice from leading sustainable bartender, Renato Tonelli, and Zero Carbon Forum director, Bob Gordon, as they share effective ways to reduce your energy bills, reuse leftovers, and make your menu more eco-friendly. Watch now!

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Sustainability in bars webinar

Masterclass Chapters

  • 04:46 - 16:47 - Why we need to care about sustainability
  • 22:44 - 41:12 - Sustainability benefits for the bar industry
  • 46:47 - 1:03:39 - How to make sustainability happen in your bar

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Methods of making your bar more sustainable  
  • The potential benefits your venue will see once you adopt these initiatives 
  • How your venue can reduce costs while being more energy efficient 

Sustainable Bar Checklist

Transform your bar’s sustainability by following our in-depth checklist. Download now to find tips to follow to reduce costs, boost energy efficiency, and more.