A bottle of Don Julio Tequila beside a Spicy Margarita


Tequila with the Experts

Check out this masterclass with our industry leading tequila experts. Here you will find out how to raise your tequila game, enabling you to offer your customers so much more than a traditional Margarita.   

Estimated watch time: 60 minutes

Tequila Tasting Guide

This masterclass features Liam Scandrett of WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust), Karina Sanchez, the Global Don Julio Brand Ambassador and Eduardo Gomez, tequila and mezcal expert and founder of Tequila Fest. Between them, they will help you develop your understanding of the spirit, enabling you to become a better bar professional. 

If you want to know more about tequila then this masterclass is perfect for you. It will give you an understanding of how production methods impact style, flavour and texture and it will demonstrate exactly how you should be tasting this spirit in the correct way.  

This masterclass will also show you how to put a twist on tequila with some creative serves that perfectly showcase the flavours of the spirit.    

This is a great opportunity to take a deep dive in to one of the world’s favourite spirits. Don’t miss the expert advice on how to work with tequila confidently to create incredible serves that will impress your customers.  

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Tequila is a versatile category that has tremendous flavours welcoming experimentation. 
  • Tequila production methods impact the style, flavour and texture of the spirit. 
  • There are different styles of tequila, including Blanco (no minimum requirement for ageing); Reposado (minimum two months ageing in oak); Añejo (minimum one year in oak barrels).
  • While the Margarita is popular, there are lots of ways to use tequila creatively in different serves.  

Masterclass Chapters

  • 04:24 - 23:20 - From Agave to Glass: Understanding how Production Impacts Styles, Flavour and Texture
  • 23:21 - 53:00 - How to Taste Tequila in the Right Way
  • 53:01 - 1:06:19 - Tequila with a Twist: Experimental Serves Beyond a Basic Margarita

A Guide To Tequila Flavour Profiles

Tequila has a unique range of flavours and characteristics. Explore the Tequila Flavour Wheel to find out more.