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The Future of Drinks  

Watch this Masterclass on the future of drinks as industry experts share their predictions on how it will change over the next decade.

Author: Shannon Mustipher, Bar Industry Expert

Estimated watch time: 1 hour 35 minutes 

Thinking Ahead

Preparing for the future can help your venue navigate changes in customer habits. Watch now to learn what panel guests Indra Kantono, Vasilis Kyritsis, Alessandro Incisa, Ara Carvallo, and Mike Spurling believe will be the significant changes to come.

Bartending ebbs and flows with trends that can drastically change the industry. This webinar explores the renewed focus on drink quality, the growth of hybrid and multi-use spaces, and how technology can improve the customer experience.

Watch Now

Masterclass: The Future of Drinks

Masterclass Chapters

  • 06:42 - 32:35 - The Renewed Focus on Quality Drinks
  • 32:39 - 54:54 - The Expanding Food Occasions
  • 55:14 - 1:07:21 - The Rise in Multi-Use and Hybrid Spaces
  • 1:07:23 - 1:23:22 - The Role of Tech to Enhance Drinks Experience

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand emerging ways to improve the guest experience 
  • The renewed appeal of quality drinks 
  • The role of technology in improving your venue  
  • The rise of multi-use and hybrid spaces  
  • New opportunities to engage with food