Glass of whiskey with ice with plate of olives and nuts behind


Your Guide to Perfect Whisky and Food Combinations

Authors: Tim Philips-Johansson, Global Brand Ambassador for Johnnie Walker; Mark Moriarty, Chef in Residence for Diageo Reserve. 

Estimated watch time: 60 minutes 

Whisky and Food Pairing

Watch this masterclass session with Tim Philips-Johansson and Mark Moriarty as they discuss how to combine food and whiskies, and how to promote them to maximise your profit. 

Cheers to Exquisite Pairings

Whether you’re serving light, medium or full-bodied whisky, it helps to elevate your guest experience with complementing food choices. Watch this Diageo Bar Academy masterclass to learn how to serve whisky and food combinations that elate your guests. 

Learn from the Experts

Take the guesswork out of serving the perfect whisky and food combinations with this masterclass webinar. In this session, Global Brand Ambassador for Johnnie Walker Tim Philips-Johansson and Chef in Residence for Diageo Reserve, Mark Moriarty, share insightful tips on how to develop and promote matching food and whisky pairings. 

You’ll also learn how to pick the perfect flavours and capture the aperitif and digestif moments to impress your guests. 

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the benefits of offering whisky and food pairings 
  • Learn how to create whisky and food combinations 
  • Know how to promote these combinations in your venue

Watch the Masterclass Now!

Guide to Whisky and Food Combinations

Masterclass Chapters

  • 02:55 - 05:26 - Why offer food and whisky combinations?
  • 05:27 - 11:47 - Creating whisky & food combinations
  • 11:50 - 39-48 - Five ways to combine whisky with food
  • 46:20 - 57:54 - How to promote whisky and food combinations

Whisky and Food Pairing Guide

Treating your guests to tasty meals and carefully selected whisky variants allows you to create unique and memorable experiences. In this downloadable guide, we share expert tips on how to pick the perfect whisky variants for meals and we also offer different whisky and food combinations to try out.