Bottle of Captain Morgan White Rum and two iced glasses of cocktail on a table with a hand filling one of the glasses


Captain Morgan White Rum

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Our Captain Morgan White Rum

It takes serious crafting to make a white rum this delicious. Distilled to make our white rum so smooth, so delicious, so subtly sweet, it’ll make your mouth water just reading about it. See what we mean?

Captain Morgan White Rum is all about creating an impeccable blend of flavours. When it’s just right, it will always form the ideal base for classic rum cocktails or as a simple mixed drink. This flexible rum is perfect to create a classic Mojito or Paloma.

Production Process

Crafted from the finest selection of Caribbean rums, the result is a crisp, clean and deliciously refreshing taste.

Flavour Profile

A medium-bodied, clean, slightly sweet and creamy with fruit flavours and hints of green apple.

Interesting Facts

Captain Morgan White Rum was first launch in 2014 and three years later won “Best White Rum” at the World Drinks Awards.

Perfect Serve

With its clean, crisp notes, Captain Morgan White Rum is perfect to use in all your rum-based classics. Try making this twist on the Mojito which really brings out that slight sweet aftertaste of the rum.