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Cragganmore takes its name from the mountain in whose shadow it sits and it’s known for having one of the most complex aromas in the Speyside whisky region.

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The Cragganmore distillery was founded in 1869, by John Smith who was said to have been the most experienced distiller of his day.

John Smith chose the distillery’s location on the north east of Scotland due to the abundance of barley as well as its proximity to Scotland’s fastest flowing river, the River Spey, and the connection to the Great Highway Railway line.

Today the distillery is home to one of the most complex and characterful malt whiskies of the Speyside region

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Cragganmore interesting facts

Perfect Serve

Serve this Cragganmore 12 Year Old on the rocks in a tumbler or tulip glass to concentrate its flavour, and add a splash of water to release more of its complexity.

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