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Our Brands: Mortlach

Find out why connoisseurs call this brand ‘whisky’s best kept secret’…

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History & Heritage

Mortlach has been described by whisky connoisseurs as “The Beast of Dufftown” for its rich and powerful flavours, produced in an astonishingly complicated and unique distillation process which commentators have attempted to explain as ‘2.81 Distilled’.

In the wake of the Excise Act, Mortlach was officially founded in 1823 on the site of an older illicit distillery – becoming the first legal distillery in Dufftown, now one of the epicentres of Speyside whisky distilling.

In 1853, engineer George Cowie joined the team under owner John Gordon. With his pioneering mind, audacious spirit and determination, George quickly became a leader within the new distillery workforce. His son Alexander later continued this legacy, creating the very unique, very intricate 2.81 distillation process that is still in place at the distillery today. Used solely at Mortlach distillery, this process - combined with traditional worm tub condensers - creates the thick, rich, bold spirit character that the brand is famed for.

Today, Mortlach’s permanent collection includes three unique expressions: a 12 Year Old (“The Wee Witchie”), a 16 Year Old (“Distiller’s Dram”) and a 20 Year Old (“Cowie’s Blue Seal”).

Using Mortlach in Your Bar

Mortlach is a premium Scotch whisky, with numerous awards for its quality and craftsmanship. Its presence on any menu or back bar will appeal to customers looking for an elevated drinking experience.

Mortlach is known for its unique flavour profile – often characterised by rich, savoury notes – which sets it apart from other mainstream Scotch whiskies. It is traditionally enjoyed neat or with a drop of water, but adventurous bartenders have been known to use it in classic whisky cocktails for added depth.

This reputation for complexity and quality can add a unique dimension to your venue’s offering and cater to whisky enthusiasts looking for something a little different.

Interesting Facts

  • Mortlach's unique distillation process produces a spirit that is 2.81 distilled: precisely calculated to create a highly complex yet balanced distillate. It was audacious to make whisky this way – and no one has since.
  • Nicknamed ‘The Beast of Dufftown’ for its robustness, has been a secret amongst whisky connoisseurs for decades.

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