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Best of British: Cocktail Quiz

Brush up on your cocktail skills with our British Cocktails Quiz! From the traditional Pimm’s to modern martinis – test your bartender knowledge now.

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

British cocktail culture is steeped in tradition. So much so that even Queen Victoria enjoyed making her own concoctions by mixing whisky with tea and soda water!

While cocktails are mostly associated with the Roaring 20s in America, some would signal back to the 1800s and British-inspired punches which contained a mix of spirits, fruit juice and spices.

Fast forward to today, the classic gin and tonic, Pimm’s and a list of other iconic and much loved British cocktails are enjoyed by guests. The question is, do you really know them all?

Put your knowledge and skills to the test with this quick quiz on British Cocktails.

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You’ll be tested on:

  1. Iconic British cocktails
  2. Cocktail ingredients
  3. What’s trending?