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5 Tips to Enhance your customers' drinking experience

Being a great bartender doesn't stop at making great drinks! Now more than ever, customer service is a vital part of the job. We caught up with Andrew Coyle from Flow Hospitality and Tim Philips-Johansson to get their top tips on creating the best experience for your guests.

1. Make a good first impression

Top Tip - Improve customer experience by looking at your venue through the eyes of a first-time guest. Conduct a walk-through of your venue from street to seat and note any improvements to be made.

2. Speed of service

With many venues operating at reduced capacity for the forseeable, it's important to make sure drinks are being served efficiently. Speed often requires experience with your movements eventually becoming second nature, but being organised and efficient in the way that you work will also help with speed. Keep these tips in mind:

Top Tip – Remember the 2 step rule. Have all your essential equipment convenient to your workstation so there are no delays when you are serving customers.

3. Serve with Style

Bring some style to your service. A slick polished performance adds value to the drink and it is important to consider how your movements look from the customers’ perspective. Always display a professional manner and involve your customers where possible. Keep these tips in mind:

Top Tip – Smile and make eye contact with your customers and be confident in handling your equipment and glassware.


With reduced capacity for many venues in place, now more than ever you should pay attention to adding a personal touch to your guest experience. Awareness of your environment and of your customers is key to good bar etiquette. Keep these tips in mind:

Top Tip - Ensure all relevant PPE and social distancing measures are in place. Follow your local guidelines.

5. Know your product

Your product knowledge will assist the customer in making good choices. Customers will ask you questions about drinks that you sell and they will expect you to know the answer! On-going learning will be vital to help develop your knowledge. Keep these tips in mind:

Top Tip – Recommending products with real enthusiasm makes customers feel welcomed and valued. People love stories about their drinks - you could talk about the unique ingredients, the brand’s heritage or the inspiration behind your signature serve.

Give it a go and see the results!

Try putting some of these essential tips into practice next time you’re on the bar and see if it makes a difference! Plus, don't forget to measure and evaluate your customer experience. Follow our handy guide to implementing a digital customer experience survey.