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  • A Guide to Responsible Alcohol Consumption

    A Guide to Responsible Alcohol Consumption

    As a bar professional, it’s especially important to be alcohol aware. Learn about responsible alcohol consumption and how it can have an impact on health, safety, and social wellbeing. 

  • Cultivating Guest Loyalty

    Cultivating Guest Loyalty

    Cultivating guest loyalty is fundamental to keeping a venue alive. Embrace key techniques to deliver on your venue’s brand promises and enhance guest experience.

  • Curating the Guest Experience

    Curating the Guest Experience

    The best hospitality operators design service strategies to deliver a remarkable experience for every guest on every visit. Learn how to design the best possible experience for your venue.

  • Customer Complaints and Service Recovery

    Customer Complaints and Service Recovery

     Handling complaints effectively can make or break a business. Learn how to handle them effectively to turn the guest experience around.

  • Customer Service Skills

    Customer Service Skills

    Learn the top customer service skills for bartenders including, communication, recommendations, upselling, speed and efficiency, and managing complaints.

  • Essential Bar Skills: Communication

    Essential Bar Skills: Communication

    The art of great hospitality lies in great communication. Learn how to master both verbal and non-verbal communication so you can deliver truly memorable hospitality.

  • How to Improve Hospitality Service Quality

    How to Improve Hospitality Service Quality

    Great customer hospitality and service can boost sales for venue. Watch this video as Anna Sebastian shares tips for elevating hospitality in your venue.

  • Practice Responsible Serving Like A Pro

    Practice Responsible Serving Like a Pro

    Creating a fun, vibrant yet safe space for guests should be top of every bar’s agenda. Learn how to spot the signs of intoxication and promote responsible serving in your bar. 

  • Essential Bar Skills: Recommending and Upselling

    Recommending and Upselling

    Recommendations and upselling are useful tools to help you elevate and enhance the guest experience whilst demonstrating your professionalism, expertise and passion for your craft.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Essential Service Skills

    The Ultimate Guide to Essential Service Skills

    Essential service skills are crucial in any bar and contribute to the overall venue success. Discover how to implement the best service using this guide.