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Dark fruits, sweet vanilla, aromas of spice and raisins - nosing a glass of Johnnie Walker Black Label takes you on a journey across festive gatherings of years gone by.

The flavours of this iconic whisky lend themselves to so many festive favourites you would be forgiven for thinking that Black Label was created for this time of year.

While I now spend my days talking about whisky, I spent 18 Christmases working in the hospitality trade and know just how busy this time of year can be. The long shifts, the customers more merry than usual and the sound of festive tunes ringing in your ears - there’s little time for thinking about new serves for the work-do, the family get-together or the hectic New Year celebrations. That’s why we have come up with three new Johnnie Walker Black Label serves that will blow the Christmas socks off your customers.

It’s a rich and complex whisky with a flavour balance that lends itself to numerous exciting flavour combinations and while these new serves are our take on festive staples, why not put your own spin on this great whisky because there really is more to every pour of Johnnie Walker Black Label.


Nuts, popular at this time of year, really complement the Highland and Speyside flavours that are blended together in Black Label.

So why not suggest this twist on a classic cocktail before a celebratory dinner. Our Walnut Old Fashioned is crafted to complement the rich flavours of a festive meal:



Stirred down and served in a rocks glass over a large ice cube with an orange twist.

(2 standard drinks* - 2 units per serve)


The dried fruit flavours we often describe in Johnnie Walker Black Label are Christmas cake in style and the heavier and more full-bodied Speyside malts in the whisky really lend themselves to festive favourites such as sherry and nutmeg.

Help partygoers bring in the New Year in good company with a Sherried Dandy Sour cocktail. A sprinkle of cheer for any celebration:



Shaken and served in a rocks glass over cubed ice. Lemon wedge and grated nutmeg to garnish.

(1.6 standard drinks* - 1.5 units per serve)


Personally, I also love Black Label as a digestif. Hot toddies are great fun and in fact Alexander Walker had all the ingredients to make great toddies right there in his grocery shop, so we like to think that he was making them from the 1860s.

Serve up our Black Toddy after Christmas dinner. A delicious combination of festive flavours:



Stirred and served in a brandy glass and garnished with a clove studded orange peel and rosemary sprig.

It’s probably obvious but it’s worth saying that there are few more refreshing tastes around Christmas than the simple Johnnie Walker Black Label and ginger.

(2 standard drinks* - 2 units per serve)

(*Grams of alcohol calculated according to one UK standard drink containing 8g of alcohol.)

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