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History & Heritage

Belsazar is a special wine aperitif, that unites traditional traits, craftsmanship and high-quality wine from the south of Germany with the urban and modern lifestyle from Berlin.

Two friends, Max and Sebastian, the founders of Belsazar, shared a burning passion for regional wines from Baden, marvellous distilleries and exceptional recipes, along with a shared creativity nurtured on the streets of Berlin.

Their mission was simple: create a delicious and high quality low ABV drink. Working with Schladerer, a very well-known distillery in the Black Forest that has produced fruit brandies since 1844, they developed the recipe, identifying the right macerates and perfecting the finishing touches.

In honour of Schladerer, Max and Sebastian named their vermouth after Sixtus Balthasar Schladerer, the founder of Schladerer - “Belsazar“ is the basic form of the name Balthasar.

The range consists of four different flavours: Rosé, White, Red and Dry. Each variety of Belsazar has its own macerates, consisting of extracts from herbs, blossoms, husks, spices and peels which are left to mature in large demijohns.

Flavour Profile

Belsazar Rose: Bittersweet and summery, offering a harmonious blend of pink grapefruit, Seville orange and orange blossom with a raspberry and redcurrant finish.

Belsazar Dry: The aroma of summer fruits, chamomile and a hint of fresh yeast take centre stage, followed by bitter notes of gentian, Seville orange, cinchona, coriander and absinthe.

Belsazar Red: An abundance of complex aromas. Vanilla, candied orange, bitter chocolate and spices such as nutmeg combine to leave a sweet impression, offset by a bitter hint of wormwood.

Belsazar White: A mild and sweet aroma with a hint of elegant vanilla. Clear notes of dried peach and orange are accentuated by the presence of herbs and spices.

Interesting Facts:

Perfect Serve:

Whether it’s a light drink for your guests at lunch, casual drink during the day or an aperitif preceding a great dinner, the Belsazar Rosé & tonic is the perfect fit for all occasions. Light-hearted, fresh and versatile across menu types and settings, it’s a cocktail for all occasions.

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