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Good Times. Good Friends. Great Drinks.

Welcome to the delicious world of Captain Morgan, where the possibilities for insanely tasty drinks to suit all seasons are endless. With four key products (Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold, Captain Morgan Dark Rum, Captain Morgan White Rum and Captain Morgan Tiki) there are tried and tested recipes for everyone, plus opportunities to get creative. Let’s get down to delicious business.

There's Gold, then there's Original Spiced Gold.

The original. The icon. It’s Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold, flavoured with vanilla (and other natural) flavours and spice for an irresistibly sweet yet subtly spiced flavour. Versatility is its speciality. Make it hot, make it cold, make it sweet, make it fruity or even make it creamy. Delicious possibilities are there for the making.

  • Captain Sp-iced Tea

    Captain Sp-iced Tea

  • Captain Hot Toddy

    Captain Hot Toddy

  • Captain Mint Cooler

    Captain Mint Cooler

But Wait, There's More Deliciousness to Discover...

  • Captain Morgan Dark Rum

    Captain Morgan Dark Rum

    Make no mistake, Captain Morgan Dark Rum is all about the notes of rich caramel, aged oak, sweet dark brown sugar, oozy toffee and ripe banana flavours…so many we had to list them all out.

  • Captain Morgan White Rum

    Captain Morgan White Rum

    It takes serious crafting to make our Captain Morgan White Rum taste this delicious. It’s distilled to make it smooth and subtly sweet…and make your mouth water just by reading about it. See what we mean?

  • Captain Morgan Tiki

    Captain Morgan Tiki

    Captain Morgan Tiki is inspired by the flavours of the South Pacific Islands, it is made with iconic Captain Morgan and natural pineapple & mango flavours. The flavours of the ripe pineapple hit you first, then the smooth & juicy mango arrives for a double fruity finishing flourish.

Make Mouths Water with these Mixes.

It’s impossible to choose our favourite Captain recipes, but we had a go anyway. Why not recommend some of our hot recipes over winter, or some of the fruity ones over summer? There’s something for everyone.


Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold, lemonade, lime and the all important fresh mint. That’s why it’s called the MMM…Mint Cooler.


Introducing…the hot drink that defies logic. How? By mixing hot, buttery Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold with ice cream. Initiate mouth-watering, now.


Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold, a splash of spicy Ginger Ale, and a slice of lime to cut through the gingery heat. Yum.


Captain Morgan White Rum & pineapple juice mix together to create a fruity drink that’ll transport your tastebuds to a faraway land.


There’s a Captain Morgan drink for every taste-bud! Check out our ‘Wheel of Recommendations’ to discover what serves to recommend, and when. Or, just wing it and recommend your own favourite Captain Morgan drinks. If it tastes good to you, it sounds good to us!


Show us your skills by making your own experimental Captain Morgan drink. Choose any of our variants – Original Spiced Gold, Captain Morgan Dark Rum, Captain Morgan White Rum or Captain Morgan Tiki and mix it up as you go along.

Don’t forget to share your tasty creations on Instagram and tag @DiageoBarAc. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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