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Based on a beer first brewed in 1821, this is the perfect mix of bitter & sweet.

History & heritage

Originally brewed as the XX version of Guinness’ Porter, Guinness Original is a direct descendant of our archival recipes, based on a beer first brewed in 1821, when Arthur Guinness II set down precise instructions for brewing his Superior Porter.

Still brewed at our St. James’s Gate brewery in Dublin, Guinness Original is crafted from the finest quality malt, hops and Irish barley. Sharp and crisp to the taste, it’s an entirely different experience from the smooth, creamy Guinness Draught and punchier Foreign Extra Stout, but the trademark Guinness flavours still preside.

A Dark & Lively direct descendent from our archival recipes.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Medium and balanced. A roast character with subtle fermentation fruitiness.

Flavour: A perfect rounded flavour of bitter and sweet.

Palate: Smooth with a slight bite leading to a dry finish.

ABV: 5%

Appearance: Distinctively black full bodied liquid with a rich creamy head.