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History and Heritage

Jinzu gin was created by British bartender Dee Davies, inspired by her journey to Japan and a lifelong passion for experimenting with flavour. Davies had the opportunity to develop the drink after winning the Diageo’s ‘Show your Spirit’ competition in 2013. The competition aimed to build on the bartender’s experience, unlocking their creativity and potential to co-create a new, innovative product.

What is Jinzu? Jinzu draws on almost 250 years of distilling expertise to craft a classically British gin with a delightful Japanese twist. Jinzu is the marriage of British gin with the delicate flavour of cherry blossom and yuzu citrus fruit, finished with a smooth Japanese sake. The drink is distilled in traditional copper pot stills, with a touch of distilled sake for a smooth, creamy finish.

Jinzu pushes the boundaries of gin with its marrying of different cultures and tastes.

Flavour Profile:

Jinzu is made with a blend of juniper, coriander, angelica, yuzu and Japanese cherry blossom botanicals as well as sake, which brings a luxurious, creamy mouth feel and a subtle, compelling sweetness to its flavour profile.

Interesting Facts:

Perfect Serve

Jinzu & Tonic

The Jinzu take on the classic gin & tonic is a great way to explore the gin’s fresh juniper and citrus-filled flavours.

Other serves

Pan-Asian G&T

Jinzu Toyama

Find out more about Dee’s journey to Japan with Jinzu gin.