“Raising the Bar” is Diageo’s new global programme to support pubs and bars as you welcome customers back following the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to stand beside you every step of the way.

“Raising the Bar” will offer any bar, anywhere in the world, free access to digital training and practical support through Diageo Bar Academy. You will be able to access best practice training on how to implement social distancing, enhance hygiene measures and optimize your recovery. We will regularly update the content to ensure it is relevant for your business and provide you with cutting edge assets to support you in raising the bar.

In addition, the $100 million “Raising the Bar” fund will provide targeted investment to help neighbourhood pubs and bars in many cities to re-open your doors and promote safe socialising. These cities include New York, London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Belfast, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Mumbai, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Kampala, Sydney and beyond.

Bars or pubs in the cities and territories listed above and surrounding areas are eligible to apply for support from the “Raising the Bar” fund. The fund will pay for the physical equipment you need to re-open in your location, including:

  • ‘Hygiene kits’ with high-quality permanent sanitiser dispensers, medical grade hand sanitiser and a range of PPE
  • Contactless mobile device platforms for table booking, digital menus, and cashless payment systems
  • Mobile bars, heaters, coverings, and furniture to support outdoor socialising
  • Ventilation systems for indoor air cleaning
  • ‘Takeaway packages’ to include environmentally friendly cocktail or pint carriers
  • Temperature scanners and perspex screens

If you are a bar or pub owner located in the cities listed above and you would like more details on how to qualify for this fund, please register your interest below.

If you are a pub or bar owner in the UK or Ireland, please register your interest at www.mydiageo.com.

Diageo will use personal data submitted through this form to run the registration process and manage sign-ups. To find out more about how we handle and protect personal data, please see our Privacy Notice.

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