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Guide to Incorporating Takeaway and Delivery to Drive Sales


In this masterclass, join Tess Posthumus and special guest Vijay Mudaliar as they share ways to unlock more sales for your venue through cocktail takeaway and delivery services.

Learn how to build and maintain a successful takeaway and delivery service with expert tips on developing your menu, protecting profit margins, selecting delivery partners and more.


Get set for success with our exclusive downloadable cocktail Takeaway & Delivery checklist.


Tess Posthumus and Vijay Mudaliar answer some of the top questions asked during this masterclass.

1. Do you have any tips on how you would offer cocktails using fruit flavours, that will not go off quickly? Do pre-made fruit purees help?

Use dried fruits! And use as an infusion in a sous-vide! Apricots, pineapples, and most fruit do really well dried and also add a nice colour! You can also pasteurize your cocktail mixes after at 75degrees to prevent and slowdown fermentation.

2. Is Supasawa a good replacement for lemon/lime for delivery?

I've not personally used it before but it a pretty good replacement! You can also make your own acid solutions using citric, latic, tartaric etc. to replace the perishable fruit juices.

3. Would offering cocktails in sealed bags and / or glass bottles with a pairing raise costs a lot?

It will raise the cost but you can pass this on to the consumer and create bottle return policies that rebate them when they return bottles

4. What do you do with bottles before filling and after using to refill?

We sanitize the bottles with heat and coffee cleaner before we reuse them.

5. The cocktails at TFD seem to all be single serve, are the takeaway cocktails at Native larger format? How do you construct larger format, what are things to consider there?

At Native we do a range of 100ml, 250ml and 500ml. For larger format you should consider spending range and also make your drinks in each category special and interesting.