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What Sets Irish Whiskey Apart

From whiskey on the rocks to whiskey highballs, the renaissance of the Irish whiskey category shows no signs of slowing down. We dive into the reasons behind its revival, uncover what sets it apart and introduce premium blend Roe & Co, a tribute to a legendary distiller, as well as Irish whiskey cocktail recipes to try.


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A Nip of History

It's a lesser-known fact that the Irish – not the Scottish – are credited as being the first to introduce whiskey to the British Isles.

  • Ireland was once the undisputed ruler of the whiskey world, boasting over 30 distilleries.
  • Unfortunately, by the mid-1970s, a near-fatal combination of prohibition, politics and technology reduced the Irish whiskey industry to only two operational distilleries.
  • Thankfully, there has been a steady resurgence in the Irish whiskey industry over the last few decades, with many new distilleries opening.

Unmistakably Irish

Triple-distilled and made from unmalted barley, Irish whiskies are typically smoother and more fragrant than their Scottish counterparts, making them very accessible and a popular choice amongst newcomers to the whiskey category.

The tell-tale signs that distinguish Irish whiskey:

  • Typically matured for at least three years
  • Made from unmalted barley
  • Generally triple distilled
  • Most importantly – they must be distilled and matured on the island of Ireland.

Roe & Co – Behind the Liquid

Roe & Co was named in honor of George Roe, a celebrated distiller from Ireland's golden era of whiskey in the 19th century, Roe & Co is a premium blended spirit.

The creation of Roe & Co, made from the finest stocks of Irish malt and aged in Bourbon casks, was a labor of love for senior blender Caroline Martin. It took two years and over 100 prototype blends before she gave it her seal of approval.

Tasting: Soft, sweet vanilla, poached pears, silky sweet mouthfeel with a lingering creamy aftertaste.

A Perfect Partner for Cocktails

Roe & Co, with its creamy vanilla flavor and hints of soft spice, is the perfect partner for whiskey cocktails.        

Old Roe & Co

A sophisticated and well-balanced drink with sweet, chocolatey, and herbal notes and the smoothness of Irish whiskey at its core.

Key Takeaways

  • The Resurgence of Irish Whiskey: Irish whiskey is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, with many new distilleries opening.
  • Irish Whiskey's Historical Significance: Ireland is credited as the first country to introduce whiskey to the British Isles.
  • Unmistakably Irish Characteristics: Irish whiskey is characterized by being triple-distilled, made from unmalted barley, and typically matured for at least three years.
  • Roe & Co: A Premium Blend: Roe & Co is a premium blended Irish whiskey crafted from the finest Irish malt and aged in bourbon casks.
  • Perfect for Whiskey Cocktails: Roe & Co's creamy vanilla flavor and hints of soft spice provide a versatile base for creating a variety of cocktails.

From meticulous crafting to finding its place as a beloved companion in modern cocktails, Irish whiskey and versatile premium blends like Roe & Co. are a worthwhile menu addition winning over a new generation of whiskey lovers eager to savor its delightful complexity.   

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