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Alcohol-Free Trend

The alcohol-free category is one of the fastest-growing segments in the global drinks industry. Apart from offering amazing alternatives to alcoholic drinks, alcohol-free serves are perfect for attracting non-drinkers to your venue and diversifying your menu. 

In this section, discover how to create and promote low-alcohol and non-alcohol serves in your outlet. 

Masterclass: A Guide to Alcohol-Free Cocktails

Mastering the art of shaking up delicious low-alcohol and no-alcohol cocktails is important to deliver a serious wow factor. These serves can be every bit as complex and delicious as their alcoholic counterparts. 

In this masterclass, watch as award-winning bartender and bar owner, Ryan Chetiyawardana aka Mr. Lyan, explains how low-alcohol and no-alcohol cocktails can benefit your venue. He also shares insightful trends in this category and some recipes you can try in your venue. 

E-Learning Module: The Perfect Serve with Simple Cocktails

When mixing alcohol-free cocktails, it’s vital to impress guests and meet their expectations. Everything from flavors to presentation offers an opportunity to inspire and delight them. 

In this module, learn how to make perfect serves every time, balance flavors for perfect cocktails, and improve profitability. The module offers an interactive learning experience, and you earn a certificate upon completion.

Related Recipes


You can make this delicious, sweet, and elegant serve using Seedlip Grove 42, an alcohol-free spirit with a citrus blend and long finish. 



A non-alcoholic version of the classic Martini, this cocktail is simple to make using Seedlip Garden 108 for a glamorous non-alcoholic serve. 

Seedlip Garden Ginger Highball

Treat your guests to a simple yet delicious alcohol-free highball using a simple mix of Seedlip and premium ginger ale. 

Seedlip Garden Ginger Highball

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